The Dr. Is In...
By Sue Gobrick

When I work the table,  I feel like I'm personally giving each customer a home visit, or a house call.  Special,  private,  just for them. Through them,  I also learn new techniques.

I love fixing and figuring out what went wrong or teaching a new technique in a pattern or simply explaining an instruction that is unfamiliar.

Sometimes it can be scary not to know what to do next and be afraid to ask when you think all the knitters around the table know more than you.  Actually, there are usually several new knitters at any given time, you just don't know who they are!

One-on-one is my favorite way to connect and to really get to know my customers, the way they think, their strengths, how they learn.  This is the best way for me to help them choose patterns and yarn best suited to their degree of expertise and where they are at that point in their life.  My customers' success is my success! Until our next visit....

Next visit, we will talk about how to fix one of the many things that can irritate you in a finished project!