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912 New York Street, Suite A,  Redlands, CA 92374   (909) 793-8712
Hours Mon - Sat 10 - 6, Wed 10 - 8

It is January - and a whole brand new year ahead of us!

Ready for Selfish Knitting?
We are running four Year-Long Make-A-Longs!  You can choose from two knitting MALs - A Year of Gnomes and the Sherwood blanket.  For crochet we are making an amazing blanket called Beach Combing.  And calling all weavers - even new ones! - we have our first ever WAL.  Diane is designing a 6-strip blanket; beginning February, we will make one strip per month!  

What's Happening

A fun-filled

fiber-y festival

Starts Saturday, December 4th.

Attend more events to be eligible for the Grand Prize!
Click here for details.

Ends Saturday, December 11 with our holiday Pajama Party!

I love that the Japanese use the same Kanji for crochet and knitting.  And you will often find Japanese knitting magazines, and stitchery books have both crafts.  These two lovely techniques playing with sticks and string should be considered compatible - like two sides of the same coin!  We have long embraced crochet but are happier to have more and more people interested and more partners at HOKC willing to teach!  If you are already a knitter but want to explore crochet – try our online beginning crochet classes - give it a try! Buy crochet supplies online and begin working on your crocheting techniques.  If you knit or crochet already, you can join the Fiber Arts Nights together live on Zoom or Thursday Lunch Chat, where you can talk about new knitting/crochet techniques and new yarns.