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Winter Pajama Party at HOKC

PJ Party
December 14th from 6 pm to Midnight
If you have never attended one of our PJ Parties you are missing out! Join us for a night of knitting/crochet, eating, laughing, fun and games!

Important Details:
Wear your jammies for 20% off your purchase!
Bring a dish for the potluck.
Bring a Magic Yarn Ball for the exchange (optional).
Bring your knitting/crochet project!
Bring an extra chair if you have one!
Magic Yarn Ball Details:
Grab a yummy skein of yarn - something you would want to knit with. Find 6 little treats to put insides - a fun stitch marker, hard candy (that won't melt), tea, charms, buttons, etc. The fun is to knit with it and find all the treasures!
Yarn should be a minimum of $10 per skein and the total value should be a minimum of $15.00.
When you come in, we will place your magic ball in a paper bag so do not wrap it! We have a new, improved way of handling the exchange!
Contest Details:
No holds barred Stocking Contest!
It just has to be hand made by you and made out of fiber. It does not have to be an original design. Bring it with you to the party or drop it off the day before if you cannot attend the party or will be late.

There is a prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

Winter Pajama Party at HOKC

Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 6:00 pm to 11:45 pm