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Zoom Drop in Knitting Help

Need some help with your knitting?  Molly will host a drop in Zoom Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am until our Stay at Home is lifted.  You can get help on any knitting related questions.

Please sign up for the class in advance - this is how you will get the Zoom invite!!

1) If you are on a phone or tablet, you will need to download the Zoom app.
2) Join with Video & Audio if at all possible - if you need me to see your knitting, please join with two devices - or be able to move your phone/tablet to where I can see your hands.
3) Please know that for all of our Zoom meetings, you will start in a "waiting room". I will let you in and you will be muted until I unmute you. Just give me a minute.
4) Please use headphones or bluetooth earbuds whenever possible. If not, make sure your speaker is not up against anything. (This helps with weird feedback) Try not to talk over people.
5) Also, Please remember, we will be able to see you, so wear whatever you want, but wear something! (pay attention to camera angles!!!)
6) Let others in the house know you are live so they don't walk behind you partially dressed ;)

Feel free to send me an email in advance with the types of questions you will have.

Skill Details:
Any Skill level
Instructor Name:
Molly Conroy-Ungerecht

Zoom Drop in Knitting Help