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Choose Your Own Adventure Socks - On Zoom with Kandi

The class is free but we ask that you buy the yarn and needles (only if you do not already have the needles!) from us.  We greatly appreciate the support!!

This is a 3-part class
Class 1- Learn how to make a foot template, cast on, make toe increases, create instep, and decide on a stitch design.
Class 2- Knit your heel using the "Fleegle Heel" method. They have a great blog and this is my favorite heel! 
Class 3 - Knit an "afterthought" heel.  This is particularly useful when you are planning to use a contrast color or if you want ease in repairing heels later.

Everyone will take class 1.  You may then choose to take class 2 or 3 or both!
If you take all 3 classes, you will need both types of yarn & you will have 2 pair of socks completed! 
The yarn for each pair should be split in half. 

****HOMEWORK FOR CLASS 1 - Cast on 20 stitches and knit in stockinette for 2 inches to make sure your fabric is suitable for socks.  When you stretch it slightly, it should maintain a fairly tight fabric without being stiff.

For the Fleegle Heel, I recommend
Urth Uneek Sock Kit

For afterthought heels, you need a main color and a contrasting mini...
I recommend one of these:
Wanderlust Sock Kits
Lazer Sheep Sock Kit
Deluxe Sock Denali

You will also need:
2- 16 inch circulars in a size 1.5, 2, or 2.5
This depends on hw tight or loose you knit.
The 2 needles need to be different... Ex. one Red Lace and one Dreamz OR One Red Lace and one Karbonz
Red Lace Circular Needles  
Dreamz Circular Needles
Karbonz Circular Needles

You might also consider:
Sock Doctor
Sock It to Me

Knitting Accessory Set for Socks
234/18 Gold Eye Chenille Needles (2nd option in drop down)
Metal Pear Stitch Markers

Choose Your Own Adventure Socks - On Zoom with Kandi