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3/7/17 Newsletter

International Women's Day

The cashmere arrived yesterday.   Ooooohhh, aaaahhh, it is yummy!  We have the Mirasol yarns and samples for the tasting.  We have new Inner Yarn Zen.  We just need Wednesday to arrive -- and you!!  We definitely need you to make the event special.   See you tomorrow...
Celebrate International Women's Day with us! 
Events March 8th - 11th
From the Mountain 

We are so excited to have From the Mountain for International Women's Day.  You will absolutely love this amazing handspun, 100% cashmere yarn.  The yarn is spun by in a women's co op and they are paid a fair wage for their efforts.
The yarn is not inexpensive so we will have free patters available for you!  Most projects take only one or two skeins. 
Mirasol Yarn Tasting

Mirasol is a yarn with a mission.  So much of the fiber that we use and love comes from very poor, rural areas.  One of these areas is the Peruvian Highlands.  These regions have many challenges but one of the biggest is how to educate children.  

Buying Mirasol yarns helps support access to education for boys and girls of the Peruvian Highlands.  We know societies are greatly improved with access to education -- especially when it is given to both boys and girls.

In addition to the great cause, Mirasol makes yummy yarn!

We are excited to have a Mirasol Yarn Tasting and Trunk Show with the opportunity to order yarns that you love.  
And we will have Mirasol prizes!!

Mirasol Website
Women's Co op Products

We will also have non-yarn products that come from women's co ops.  This is a spectacular way to support women and their ability to lift themselves out of poverty.  
Plus the products are cool!!

Judy will be here with her products from multiple women's co ops from all around the world.
Urmi will have her bags from India -- all of which are made in cottage industries. 
I even brought some small project bags back from Thailand with me -- they are super cute and support a house that helps pregnant teenage girls.
Think Global Act Local

I have always loved that old saying!  So to celebrate International Women's Day, we also want to celebrate our amazing local women who have taken the risk to start their own fiber businesses.

On Saturday the 11th we will host:
Inner Yarn Zen
Material Culture Fiber
BahBah Fibers
and introducing Fox Hollow Bags
We will have handmade stitch markers and handspun yarn!
I travel a ton.  And I always travel with my knitting.  I am constantly amazed at the conversations that strike up about knitting.  Sometimes the conversations are in two languages and a lot of hand signals as two women from two different cultures with two languages bond over our love of knitting.
I just love that fiber shrinks our world and brings peoples together.  And while the fiber world is not exclusively the domain of women, it is heavily influenced by us.  So when I read about International Women's Day I immediately thought of our shop.
At the table, when you com in to sit, knit/crochet/weave/spin, you will sit with women from different countries, different parts of the US, different beliefs and backgrounds.  But what ties us and brings us together is the love of our craft.  And through that love we realize that even when we do not always agree with each other, we have so much in common.
We look forward to seeing you next week to celebrate International Women's Day.
Molly and all of us at HOKC!

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