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7-10-18 Newsletter

Happy Birthday HOKC!
Celebrate our 7th Anniversary with a
SALE and a PJ Party!
Our PJ Party is this Saturday from
6:00 pm to Midnight.
Wear your jammies, bring a dish for the potluck,
bring a knit/crochet project, and get ready to party!
If you have an extra folding chair you might want to bring it.
Happy Birthday to Us!
Happy Savings To you!
Stash up and Save!
Wednesday - Saturday
Save 15% off $1 to $49
Save 20% off $50 to $99
Save 25% off $100 or more
Discounts are based on pre-tax totals. Discounts may not be combined, do not apply to weaving equipment or consignments, and apply to new purchases only.
The Makahiki pattern updated today. The Yarn arrived today and we will ship the yarn to our distant friends tomorrow morning. Be sure to check in with the Ravelry Group for questions and comments!
Stitch Sampler Knitting Tote KAL
This Week's Techniques:
Intermediate Bag: Mosaic and One Color Brioche Flat
Adventurous BeginnerMosaic and No Purl Rib
There is a class for the Mosaic for Beginner and Intermediate on Wednesday at noon and 6 pm if you want a little support. The One Color Brioche classes at 2:00 and 4:00are for the Intermediate Bag only.
The classes for this series are only $10. Click the class button below if you want to sign up.
Be sure to join the Ravelry Group!! You can often get questions answered really quickly there.
Can't Make it to a Class?
We have YouTube Videos for many of the KAL techniques:
It is HOT!! So come in and use our AC!
Our store stays busy in the summer so come in and knit/crochet with friends - old and new.
Learn to Knit!
Sue is a fantastic and patient teacher! In this class you will learn to cast on and the knit stitch. We do free follow up at the table any time you want.
Sue has an entire series of patterns to help you increase your knitting skills quickly.
Learn to Inkle Weave on your Rigid Heddle Loom
This is a great technique to create straps for bags (perfect for your KAL tote!) or belts or any Warp faced weaving. And you do not need to buy a new loom!
Learn to Spin!
Felicia will teach you how to spin on a drop spindle - an inexpensive and easy way to learn the basics of drafting and spinning. She will also talk a bit about fiber in the class so you are more knowledgeable about what to try next.
The class fee includes a sample of fluff for spinning. We have drop spindles for sale in store if you do not have one.