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8-8-18 Newsletter

Want to learn to weave?
There is still space in today's
Intro to Weaving Class
August Weaving Classes
Color Blending on a
Rigid Heddle Loom
With Deborah Jarchow
Only 3 spaces left in this class!
OK, we are totally lucky to have a world renowned weaving teaching coming to visit. If you have tried weaving, even just a beginner, and liked it, you need to take this class! We are offering it for only $45 -- about a 50% savings from her normal fees.
You will learn about how to blend colors in weaving -- but you will learn so much more. Deborah takes all the fear out of weaving and makes the process so very easy and fun. Come join us on Sunday Aug 12th as we take over the entire store for this class!
We will have kits available for the class.
Intro to Weaving
Peggy's very popular class is back. If you think you might want to try weaving, this is the perfect class for you. You will learn about a Rigid Heddle Loom, how to warp, weft, make your ends look good, and the math you need to know to estimate a project.
We have looms you can rent! The rental fee is $25 for one week. Please arrange a rental in advance as we only have 4!
Repsmatta Weaving
Learn the art of the Scandinavian Warp Faced weaving also known as Rep Weaving. This tight weave is perfect for rugs, place mats, and runners.
4 Shaft Round Robbin
Love your Rigid Heddle but do not want to mess with the pick sticks? Come in and try a 4 shaft loom. This round robin teaches you the basics of how to looms work.
There is a free demo on how to warp the looms. The following week's classes have a fee but there is no loom rental fee or material fee. You will learn a couple of patterns and finish a small piece.
Warping Board Demo
As you make more and more complicated warps you may find yourself searching for an easier way.
Peggy demonstrates the joys of a warping board. And we have one in store you can use any time!
This Demo is free so pop in and check it out -- but please sign up first!
Stitch Sampler Knitting Tote KAL
This Week's Techniques:
Picking up stitches and knitting the base and the first side of the bag.
Check out all of the Classes!!