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9-17-18 Newsletter

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This Week's Classes
Fixing Mistakes 101
Still Space in Today's Class!!
With Molly
This class teaches you what causes common mistakes and how to avoid them. When to rip or unknit a mistake and how to fix a mistake in stockinette without ripping. This class is a must for all newer knitters!
A small homework swatch is required for class.
Fixing Mistakes 201 is next week!
Intro to Drop Spindle
with Felicia
Learn how to make your own yarn! Felicia will teach you how to spin on a drop spindle. You will need a spindle for the class. Felicia will provide you with a sample of BahBah Fibers fluff to learn with. You will learn everything you need to know to successfully make yarn!
Intro to Weaving
with Peggy
Learn how to weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom. You will make a set of coordinating mug rugs while you learn how to warp, how to weave, and how to finish off your weaving.
Peggy will work with you on technique as you progress through the class.
We have looms to rent. The rental fee is $25. Please arrange the rental in advance as quantities are limited.
We have a class next Wednesday evening for men! If you have a man in your life who would like to learn to weave, let them know!
Double Heddle Weaving
With Peggy
Learn how to expand what you can do on your Rigid Heddle loom by adding a second heddle! You can do more intricate patterns and double your width.
You will need a second heddle kit a two 7.5 dent reeds. We do have supplies on hand for Ashford looms.
Felted Mouse and Cookie
With Sharon
Learn to needle felt this adorable mouse, in a sweater, holding a cookie! OK, so you get to customize your mouse and choose sweater color or no sweater!
Sharon is providing all of the materials to make the mouse. You need to bring your own felting needles - we have them in store.
October Preview:
Charity Knitting: Knots of Love
Every October we pick a charity.
This year we will be knitting Chemo Caps for Knots of Love.
Knots of Love is a local SoCal charity started in 2007 whose mission it is to donate hand knitted/crocheted chemo caps, premie hats, blankets, and more to people going through difficult times.
They have a specific list of yarns that can be used. In store we carry Cherub Aran and we will reintroduce Sirdar Snuggly in October. We will offer special pricing on both yarns for the month of October for charity knitting.
For a complete list of yarns and for free patterns, click here.
We chose Knots of Love not only because we love them and their mission but because we let one of our customers down. Alicia lovingly created hats and a blanket for Knots of Love and we failed to send the donation in. It was donated to another charity. We are so very sorry for the mistake and realize that there is no way to fix the situation but we could honor her efforts by buidling on them.
Please join us throughout the month! We will have more details on the website.
Socktober is two things. First, it is a focus on learning how to knit socks and second, it is a charity drive for socks for the homeless. Throughout the month of October you will find tons of classes and KALs on socks and we will do a sock drive for local shelters.
Alpaca Trunk Show
Oct 24th - 27th
Love alpaca yarn? How about locally grown and milled yarn! And some spinning fiber. More details to follow!
It is Never too Late to Begin Again
Many of us are going through transitions -- retiring, dealing with loss, dealing with empty nests and new found time. The author of The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron, has updated her classic book with a look to these big changes.
And as so many of are going through the changes we thought we might spend some time on this journey together.
We will meet once a week before the store opens to chat a bit about the week. We will pick the day that will best accommodate the most people. This is really a process of self discovery but it is nice to go through this process with others. For more information, please contact Molly via email.
Thanks Charlene for recommending this journey!!
912 New York St. Redlands, CA 92223