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10-3-18 Newsletter

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10:42 AM (4 hours ago)
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Knit from the Heart!
Join us today and every Wednesday to knit a hat or two for Knots of Love!
Knots of Love approved yarns 20% off
Snuggly, Pima 100, & Cherub Aran
to say thanks in advance for your good deeds!
Snuggly Pattercake
Snuggly & Rascal DK
Snuggly Spots
Charity Hat Knitting
with Sharon
Saturday Oct 6th
Only $5.00!
Never knit a hat before? Sharon will teach you the basics of how to knit a hat with her lovely new pattern.
You will fall in love -- hats are so fast and so fun.
And they are really needed!
We need hats for adults going through chemo, for veterans, and for preemies.
Socktober is here!
Want to save 10% off any sock yarn?
Just bring in a new pair of socks to donate to our
October sock drive for the homeless!
(no, they should not be hand knit!)
And we just received a shipment of Urth Uneek!
Check out the new sock classes...
Beginner Sock
with Sharon
Friday Oct 6th, 10:00 am
Have you considered making socks but you are nervous about it?
This is the best sock class for you!
You will make one sock at a time with double pointed needles.
You will use Sharon's Toasty Toe Pattern - the best pattern ever for learning socks!
The pattern is included in the class fee.
Top Down Socks:
Two at a Time on 2 Circular Needles
Part 1: Oct 8th noon
Part 2: Oct 16th at 2:30
With Molly
Ready to learn to knit socks?
Maybe you know you are the type of person who needs to knit two socks at the same time, or perhaps you are the person who for sure has second sock syndrome!
This is a two-part class! You need worsted weight yarn for these comfy socks. You do not need previous sock experience but you should be comfortable knitting in the round.
Three Sister's Socks
With Sharon
Oct 15th
Already know the basics of knitting socks and ready for a new challenge?
Sharon is teaching her beautiful Three Sisters Sock pattern. You will learn to add beads to your socks, work lace on the foot, and a beautiful lace heel.
Insert a Stitch Pattern into a
Basic Sock
With Molly
Oct 22nd
So you already know how to knit socks and maybe you have a go-to pattern that you have made a zillion times and you want to shake things up!
It is easy to adjust patterns and add new stitch patterns. There are a couple of tricks to be more successful and pitfalls to avoid.
Bring your Stitch Pattern books with you to class!!
You will get a basic sock pattern that you can adjust or bring your own.
Socks Not Your Thing?
No worries, we have other classes!
Fixing Mistakes 101
With Molly
Oct 9th
It is Saturday at 6:05 pm and you make a mistake... What is your level of panic?
If you have to wait until Monday morning at 10 am to get help -- and annoyingly the person who fixes your mistake takes all of 30 seconds to do it -- this class is for you!
By the end you will be confident tinking, ripping, picking up stitches, identifying and dealing with twisted stitches, and reaching down in stockinette stitch to fix mistakes. You will have a little practice with garter...
Homework is required!!
Design a Hat
With Sharon
Oct 10
Learn the ins and outs of designing a hat! You will learn to read gauge and how different stitch patterns impact gauge. You will learn to correctly measure your head.
Hats are a great way to try new techniques -- they are fast and fun!