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1-10-19 Newsletter

Hands on Knitting Center via 

8:25 AM (41 minutes ago)
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"My Peace of the Pi"
Cast on Party Today!
The first clue is ready, the yarn and beads are here! Are you ready to cast on your 2019 Mystery KAL?
Here is what we can tell you:
There are twelve tonal colors that blend beautifully from one to the next. Lazer Sheep made several new colors for this shawl! There is one color of beads throughout.
And, there are no wrap and turns!
The shawl is designed to sit perfectly on your shoulders for a beautiful and highly wearable result.
This is a year long KAL. Y
ou get one skein of yarn per month and a clue each month.
We only ordered a limited number of kits so be sure to buy yours early! The link is up and working! There are several ways to buy the kit so spend a little time in the drop down box! Give us a call with any questions.
It's January so that means it is Sweater Knitting!
To compliment Sweater KALs
we are running our annual
Create your Own Kit Sale
Jan 4th - 16th
The kit can be for any item - it does not have to be a sweater.
Here is how it works:
Pick a Pattern, book, or class
Even Free Ravelry Downloads will qualify
Pick your yarn
Pick a needle, hook, notion, or accessory
All three elements must be involved to qualify for the discount. The actual discount is based on the number of skeins of yarn you buy.
1-3 skeins: 15% off
4 - 6 skeins 20% off
7+ skeins 25% off
Join us for the Log Cabin Cardigan KAL
Instead of a design your own sweater series this year we picked one really fun sweater that looks amazing on all.
Then Log Cabin Cardigan can be made out of 2 strands of fingering held together or worsted weight. Sue has created some great bundles to inspire you.
The Cast on Party is all day January 16th.
We will help you with how to create Mitered squares and how to pick up stitches.
Later on we will teach a couple of optional classes to help make adjustment to shaping.
The 2019 Passport
Tour the world of knitting through HOKC's passport!
If you thought the little blue book ruled your world this year, just wait until you see what we have in store for you!
Huge thanks to Briana Fournier for her work with Sue on this project.
We are adding classes as we speak so be sure to click on the calendar link!
912 New York St. Redlands, CA 92223