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2-4-19 Newsletter

Hands on Knitting Center via 

9:19 AM (9 minutes ago)
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February is Black History Month
February is Black History Month and I had this fantastic idea to write an article on the traditions of knitting in the African American Community. Not surprisingly, there was not a ton of information.
I did come across a couple of articles that I thought I would share in full.
This image of Sojourner Truth is iconic. And I am not surprised that one of the most outspoken abolitionist and suffragette was a knitter!
One of the things I love most about our HOKC community is our diversity. I think that fiber arts are inclusive and bring together peoples who might not have any other chance of meeting.
We have had a policy of keeping the political conversations at the table to a minimum. Maybe we are right to do this or maybe we are wrong. But we have long thought of our store as a haven and a safe place for all. It is our hope that in such a fractured political time, in store we can focus on the things that bind us together.
February is American Heart Month
Did you know that heart disease kills more women than any other disease?
We wanted to help the cause so we designed a fun, simple cowl kit. You get the pattern, yarn, and a super cute bag listing some of the reasons knitting is good for your heart! The cowl comes in three sizes.
It is the perfect gift - finished or as a kit - to remind the women in our lives to get our Heart's Checked!
25% of the proceeds from the kit sales will be donated to the American Heart Association.
We have limited supplies!
Upcoming Classes
Weaving Tea Towels
With Peggy
Monday 11:00
One simple warp of the loom will give you options on creating coordinated towels just by changing the weft! This class is a great way to get ahead of gift giving! Plus you will want them in your house!
Valentine Mitts
With Sharon
Thursday 2:00 - 5:00
Learn to make these lovely, timely mitts! Homework is required and you will need to purchase the pattern either through Ravelry or HOKC.
Intro to Knitting for Beginners
With Sue
Thursday 11:00 to 2:00
This class if for the beginner who has never knitted before or it has been a really long time and you have forgotten the basics. Learn to cast on and knit while you make a gauntlet.
Intro to Knitting for the Adventurous Beginner
With Sue
Thursday 12:00 - 2:00
This class is for the knitter who knows some of the basics. Maybe you need just a reminder of how to cast on and how to knit and purl. You will also learn to knit in the round while making a lovely cowl.
Beginning Crochet
With Vicki
Learn all of the basics of crochet: chain, single and double crochet and how to identify edges.
Beginning Crochet
With Flow
Learn the basics of crochet while learning to make a cotton dishcloth.
Reading Weaving Patterns
With Peggy
Now that you know the basics of weaving you may want to follow a pattern. But there are a few tricks to understanding those patterns!
Dryer Balls
With Denise
Dryer balls are the perfect thing to do with excess wool yarn or roving! They replace dryer sheets, reduce drying time, and are totally reusable!