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cable needles
by CocoKnits


Maker's Keep
by CocoKnits

Maker's Keep Wrist Organizer by "CocoKnits". Magnetic bracelet.


Project Portfolio
by CocoKnits

"CocoKnits" Project Portfolio.


Stitch Stoppers
by CocoKnits

Foam Stitch Stoppers by "CocoKnits"


Accessory Roll
by CocoKnits

"CocoKnits" Accessory Roll. Stitch marker organizer. Knitting organizer.


Row Counter
by CocoKnits


Triangle Stitch Markers Lace
by CocoKnits

Triangle Stitch Markers for lace or tiny needles.


Coco KnitsTape Measure
by CocoKnits

Metal Tape Measure. Tape measure knitting.


Colorful Stitch Markers
by CocoKnits

Metal ring markers in two sizes - to fit up to a size US 7 and to fit up to a size US 13


Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit
by CocoKnits

Coco Knits Stitch Holders