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Upcycle Yarn Bowls by Dean Hood. My only complaint about the yarn bowls I have had in the past is that they are too small!  Dean's bowls are big enough for the yarn and project!  They make an amazing statement piece. 

If you are motivated to join the Slow Movement and like to recycle, reuse and reduce - this is the product for you!  

Dean repurposes bowls, canisters, boxes, pretty much anything made from wood that he finds, giving them new life by turning them into beautiful yarn bowls with a smooth yarn feeder and a silky smooth finish.  There are various sizes, many are large enough to hold not only your yarn but your project as well.  Each piece is a work of art and a one of a kind way to hold your yarns and accessorize your life!

The inside width and height are noted following the item # on the picture.