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Create Eye-catching Crochet Patterns with Crochet Hooks

The most essential item you need to get started crocheting is Crochet Hooks! It is amazing how such a simple tool can transform yarn into gorgeous motif patterns, garments, and home décor pieces.  We offer two types of crochet hooks: pencil-style wooden hooks and comfort handle metal hooks. These useful tools fit right in your hands and help you make loops and interlock threads into beautiful patterns. Whether you’re comfortable with plastic, wooden, or even metal hooks, our online store has it all!

Find the right crochet hook brands, hook materials, and the right sized crochet hooks, and start your crochet project today!



Hook Material

Hook Size


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Circular Solutions Crochet Hook Organizer


Driftwood 6" Crochet hooks


Eden Drop Ship Kit


Ginger Crochet Hooks

$6.25 - $11.75

Knitter's Pride Soft Grip Crochet Hook

$4.25 - $4.75

KP Bamboo Crochet Hook

$5.50 - $7.00

Repair Hooks (Set of 3-wood)


Silvalume Handi Tool (US 3 needle/D hook) (fix it)


Silvalume Soft Ergonomic Crochet Hook


Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook


Susan Bates Steel/aluminum Crochet Hook


Tunisian Crochet Patina Bamboo Flex


Waves Aluminum Crochet Hook Set