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A year-long fun blanket CAL!  Work on your crochet skills as we complete this amazing blanket!  Be sure to include your Ravelry Name as we will purchase the pattern for you.

Elenora Tully is a brilliant crochet designer from the UK.  She has created several lovely blankets and has a library of tutorials to go with them.  We chose her pattern, Beachcombing, because it was set up as a 12 week CAL.  We are going to go at a bit easier pace and work it over a year - working one section a month.  Eleonora created videos to support the CAL and we will happily watch them as we work.

The kit includes
  - Pattern purchased for you through Ravelry (Be sure to include your Ravelry name!!),
  - 11 skeins of Charme,
  - a MAL Carry Bag,
  - plus monthly Zoom meetings to support the CAL (2nd Monday of the Month @ 5pm CA time)

Kit: Original (our Charme color choices)
   Color A: Charme 7030 (1 skein)
   Color B: Charme 8008 (1 skein)
   Color C: Charme 8001 (2 skeins)
   Color D: Charme 2829 (1 skein)
   Color E: Charme 5556 (1 skein)
   Color F: Charme 5203 (1 skein)
   Color G: Charme 4021 (1 skein)
   Color H: Charme 2012 (1 skein)
   Color I:  Charme 2770 (1 skein)
   Color J:  Charme 2194 (1 skein)

Kit: Natural (our Charme color choices)

   Color A: Charme 1114 (1 skein)
   Color B: Charme 2204 (1 skein)
   Color C: Charme 8175 (2 skeins)
   Color D: Charme 7504 (1 skein)
   Color E: Charme 7713 (1 skein)
   Color F: Charme 2770 (1 skein)
   Color G: Charme 4004 (1 skein)
   Color H: Charme 7684 (1 skein)
   Color I:  Charme 7311 (1 skein)
   Color J:  Charme 7625 (1 skein)