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9" circular needles in sizes US 1/2.25mm and US 2/2.75mm.  These needles are a fixed circular needle featuring a translucent non-rotating cable. The needle stalks are 2 inches each and the cable length is 5 inches.  The 9" Circular Needles have the same Signature Needle Arts lifetime warranty.
-Features a Stiletto/Blunt tip combination
-Crafted from high-quality aluminum

Monogramming is not available due to size constraints.

These smaller sized needles are different from any of our past circulars, both fixed and convertible. The cable is translucent and a bit tougher than our usual black “convertible” circular needles. There is no rotation of the needle stalk and cable. Our Signature Sock Series fixed circulars have the same lifetime warranty as all our needles. This new line of Signature needles are crafted from high quality aluminum.

- 3 needle lengths: available in 4", 5" and 6"
- Two points available: Stiletto and Middy
- Monogramming possible
- Lifetime warranty

Some cable lengths are unavailable for 5 and 6 inch needle stalk lengths. The 16 and 20 inch cables are only available for the 4 inch long needle stalks. The shortest length cable for the 5 inch needle stalks is 24 inch and for the 6 inch needle stalks the shortest cable is 32 inches.  This limitation keeps the cable from being pulled too tightly while knitting.