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Cocoknits Precious Metal Stitch Markers


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The CocoKnits Precious Metal Stitch Markers will definitely add a touch of bling to your next project. These markers are made from steel and finished in gold, silver, and copper colors. Each set includes 3 types of markers; large round, small round, and opening.


Product Details:

  • Made from steel that will stick to your Maker's Keep.
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper large round stitch markers (accommodate US 15 or smaller)
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper small round stitch markers (accommodate US 9 or smaller)
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper opening stitch markers (accommodate US 11 or smaller)
  • 54 markers total
  • Come in a kraft box secured with the click of a magnet