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The pattern includes 2 skeins of Uneek and one skein of Harvest - both Urth Yarns Fingering Weight.

Pattern notes:

This short row shawl looks lovely in either a long transition mutli-colorway or in placed color OR with bits and pieces from your STASH.

Instructions are expressed in a new and unique method which I developed and that most American knitters are familiar with. The instructions let you know when you are on the right side or wrong side and gives extensive stitch counts. For some, it takes away a lot of the confusion sometimes found in other expressions of short rows.

There is a lot of counting and this is very important. It is not a great project to knit while only partially focused in the short row sections. But there is also a lot of plain, garter knitting employed. For every short row section, there are rows in between that are more simple to execute.

A few pattern notes:
Pre-reading of this pattern can cause confusion. If it does not make sense when doing this, try casting on and only reading a bit ahead to see if it starts to make sense as you work.

Yarn Choice: This shawl is knit in FINGERING WEIGHT yarn.
The first two shawls I made had 2 ‘long transition’ multi colored yarns (knit picks Chroma Fingering).

I made the initial 6 color shawl to help show where colors were being used for the ease of reading the pattern.

For color and yarn ideas, use the Ravelry system for yarns used for this pattern, it is GREAT!

Yarn amounts for 2 colors/yarns.

MAIN COLOR: 2 x URTH, Uneek Fingering 100g. /398m-435yds ((TOTAL of 796 m / 870 yds & 200 g))

CONTRAST COLOR: 1 x URTH, Uneek Harvest Fingering, 100g / 398m-435yds

Yarn (rough) amounts for 6 colors/yarns.

5 -MAIN COLORs: 5 x generic fingering yarn roughly 50g. /180m-200yds ((TOTAL of 900m / 1,000yds & 250 g))

1-CONTRAST COLOR: 2 x generic fingering yarn roughly 50g. /180m-200yds ((TOTAL of 360m / 400yds & 100 g))