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Glamping Blanket Drop Ship Kits

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We are so grateful to Casapinka and Berroco for the support they have given Local Yarn Shops.  This is a fabulous, fast, fun blanket - in a size and prize that is time and budget friendly!  There are 4 colorways that are pre-sent and will be mailed directly to you from Berroco.  We also carry Vintage Chunky in store and have more arriving this week if you want to pick your own colors!  If you buy the kit from us, we will pay for the pattern.  Be sure to include your Ravelry name (NOT password).
Sharon from Security strikes again!  With a gorgeous blanket in many sizes to choose from.  The pattern is released on Nov 6th.

Finished Measurements

1. Cat – 18 X 22.  
2. Baby Blanket/Small Dog/Portly Cat – 24 X 36”   
3. Dog and Lap Blanket – 35 X 44”   
4. Sofa Blanket – 46 X 58”

Yarn Amounts for color per size: Cat (Baby, Dog, Sofa)
Color A. 1 (2, 3, 5)hanks/ 68 (143, 250, 430)g;
Color B. 1 (2, 2, 4) hanks/55 (114, 200, 344)g
Color C. 1, (2, 2, 4) hanks/55 (114, 200, 344)g
Color D. 1, (1, 2, 3) hanks/37 (77, 135, 231)g
For example: Sofa size will take 5 hanks/Color A, 4 hanks/Color B, 4 hanks/Color C and 3 hanks/Color D.

Berroco Vintage Chunky Yarn Color Combinations:
Combo 1 (shown above): A/6121, B/6101, C/6110 and D/6104
Combo 2 (Red and Grays): A/6151, B/6107, C/6106, and D/6101
Combo 3 (Whites and Blues): A/6101, B/6113, C/6149, and D/6125
Combo 4 (Dark Colors): A/6167, B/6185, C/6175, D/6190

Want just the pattern, click here.