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Smooth lacquered finish.  Comes assembled.  Three loom sizes available: 12", 20" and 28".
Weight: 12" -  5lb/2.3kg; 20" -  6 lb/2.8kg; 28" -  8.25lbs/3.7kg.
Weaving width 12"/30cm; 20"/50cm;  28"/70cm.

Included accessories: 7.5dpi (30/10) reed, 2 lacquered shuttles (14"/36cm comes with 12" loom; 22"/56cm comes with 20" loom; 30"/76cm comes with 28" loom), threading hook, warping peg and clamps, step-by-step instruction booklet, second heddle option side posts, and padded zippered carry bag.

Combine color and texture to create your own unique fabric on this ultra portable rigid heddle loom.  The loom is lightweight, compact and folds in half – even with your weaving in place.  Three great weaving widths from scarves to shawls.  Comfortable handles and strong 30 teeth nylon ratchets.  Clicker pawls remain in place when weaving, folding or transporting the loom.  Quick and easy to warp and weave.  Built-in second heddle option. Extra reeds available in 6 sizes.