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Alexandra created the Cal Fire colorway just for us.  This year's fire season has been devastating.  And firefighters lost their lives.  We wanted to support the families of those firefighters so we are donating 50% of the profits from these yarns.  While you can buy any quantity of any of the yarns, we wanted to help you with some ideas for knitting.

Knitting Patterns:

Fire Start Hat Pattern: use one strand of Pendleton and one Mohair to create a worsted weight.

Fire vs Water Shawl Pattern: use Pendleton for orange and either color of Irish Moss for the Blue.

Across the Waters Pattern: use either Pendleton and Sun River or replace Sun River with Irish Moss.

Rock it Tee Pattern: use Sun River and Irish Moss

Crochet Patterns

Starling Pattern: Use Irish Moss

Cro-Cooma Cowl Pattern: Sun River and Irish Moss

Elise Pattern: Use Irish Moss

Fire and Ice Shawl: Use Pendleton and Irish Moss held together

Heart on Fire Shawl: Use Pendleton and Irish Moss held together and Sun River and Irish Moss held together