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Coco KnitsTape Measure


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Metal tape measure with the lovely case made from PLA - a 100% biodegradable plant-based product.  The shell feels smooth, is a happy color, and the metal measuring tape will not stretch out of shape.
Dimensions: 78 inches/2meters in a 2.5 X2.5 inch case.
I love this measuring tape for so many reasons.  First, there is not a drop of plastic in it!  The case is made from a biodegradable plant material but feels strong and smooth.  The measuring tape itself is metal meaning it will never stretch out of shape and will help in measuring gauge and garments.  The metal tab at the end keeps the tape from pulling back in.  There is no locking mechanism - as that would have added plastic!  The tape easily retracts but not so aggressively that when you are trying to measure you have to fight it.  Each tape comes in a cute linen bag!