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What is your story?  Knitting and crocheting can be deeply personal journeys.  It can be a time to look back at where you've been or to think of where you want to be.   Not all stories are written with ink on pages bound into books…. Some are designed into ancient pottery and tell of Greek Gods, or are painted onto canvas to commemorate historic events. We’re offering the opportunity to create one with yarn.

This work that you will bring to life is a code for a story of you - and totally one-of-a-kind! So crochet/knit a row a day, and reflect on all that your talents, experiences, and hopes will produce. 

We're starting you off with some basic colors in your choice of DK or Fingering in several yarn choices.  Depending on what you choose to make; a blanket, a throw or shawl, a dress, or even pants you may need to purchase more yarn as you go, dye lots won't matter on this one, it'll add to the uniqueness! You'll also receive a bound journal and pen to help you dream and plan and a project bag to keep it all in. 

To help you enjoy the fun please join Molly & Lisa once a month on zoom to explore ways to embellish your work, share in our progress, and have a good time. (Think embroidery or weaving onto your piece, adding beads, steeking, journaling techniques, plus so much more.) And if you miss a session - it will be recorded for later viewing.